Icelandic Wedding Practices

Icelandic wedding ceremonies often incorporate a couple of different traditions. In the traditional arena exchange to toasts, these wedding ceremony customs will add something exceptional to your big event.

In ancient Viking intervals, brides would probably visit a planting season or bathing house with all the same sex married users of their home for cleansing rituals. They can also break into their ancestors’ graves for a tiny light fatal slowly destroying.

Groom’s Attire

The groom should put on a go well with or tuxedo depending on the wedding location. For a beach, barn or field setting a brighter colors are recommended colored fit is appropriate but for a hotel or ballroom area a a lot suit is more traditional.

Customarily Icelanders could have a wedding ceremony called brudkaup, which literally means buying the woman. This was basically a form of safety between individuals as the groom will break into the tomb associated with an ancestor to retrieve a blade to give towards the bride, symbolizing his new responsibility to protect her.

Today this traditions is more of an symbolic “trade” between the fathers of the bride and groom. The groom also has the choice of switching his seat considering the bride’s dad within this ceremony.

Bride’s Attire

In Viking times, wedding events were a big celebration relating lavish feasts, music, and dancing. Typically, they took place on the Friday in exclusive chance of Freya, the goddess of love and fertility.

Before the feast day, brides had been accompanied by betrothed female family members so, who cleansed all of them in a bathhouse to symbolize her transition coming from maidenhood to womanhood. They would also remove their kransen, or circlet, which in turn signified their virginity and was salvaged for the bride’s long term future girl.

Today, many brides choose to dollar tradition and wear a colored outfit instead of white colored for their Iceland wedding. A popular choice is neoprene (yeah, similar material that scuba diving soaked suits are constructed with! ). The pros of this form of dress will be that it can withstand the rain and wind but still start looking beautiful.


Since the service draws to a close, your wedding get together should exit the area in what is called the recessional. The purchase of which you and your guests walk throughout the aisle corelates back to the Icelandic tradition of brudkaup, wherein a bride was essentially sold for her really worth in an monetary transaction between the father of the wedding couple.

The groomsmen usually type in pairs, starting with the affiliates who will end up being standing furthest away from the bride. The maid of honor and/or the ring bearer will then follow, followed by the flower girl(s) and finally, the newlyweds themselves. Depending on your personal style, you might play the right song or choose to have the couple get out of with their hands held in concert.

Wedding band Exchange

Krystal and Thomas opted to add slightly Icelandic talent to their wedding ceremony by trading rings. They were doing this after the classic processional, but before someone said their I actually Do’s. A fresh cute approach to incorporate anything exceptional into your wedding day.

After exchanging their very own rings, the few will beverage from a Viking drinking horn. This is a symbol of strength and unity in marriage according to Norse mythology philosophy.

It may be also normal for the groom to walk his new bride down the church aisle. Then, after saying their particular I Do’s the father from the bride definitely will switch seats with the father from the groom. Iceland wedding ceremonies typically include plenty of sitting and standing, therefore switching up the seating might squeeze in a fun and specific touch on your ceremony.


Through the reception, Icelandic wedding traditions include a toasts wedding. Guests give speeches that will be comic or heartfelt, but every share well wishes for the couple’s future jointly.

Drinks and foodstuff were a massive a part of Viking customs, and they have transported over in modern marriage ceremonies. A lot of couples even have a feet race right at the end of their feast day to find out who can arrive at the banquet hall initially!

Additionally to changing rings, Icelandic couples are also praised for putting their particular rings in a box following your ceremony. This symbolizes that they are investing in their matrimony through coarse and slim, happy times and terrible. In case of hassle, they can wide open the box and read letters conveying their absolutely adore and determination.